Courage. Confidence. Culture.

Holly Holton Workplace Resilience will help you to develop the COURAGE to transform your company, the CONFIDENCE to lead from strengths, and the tools to shape a CULTURE based on your vision and values.


When people feel good about their work, the way they work changes — and that changes everything.

Engagement. Culture. Positivity. Safety. Recognition. Strengths.

These are some of the pieces that make up a highly functioning workplace. Let us show you how to fit them all together to create a more productive, profitable and engaged company.

Research shows that today, employees need a sense of purpose, not just a paycheck.

They want a coach, not a boss.
They want recognition, not just perks.
They want to invest in you because you invest in them.

Together, we will transform your workplace. We will build an atmosphere of trust and commitment–with fully engaged employees who have a direct, positive effect on your bottom line.

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Strengths Based Coaching

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how to better navigate relationships through the lens of Strengths.

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Team Building Coaching &

Transform your company culture by creating a place where your employees bring their best selves to work everyday.

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Safe for Work

Learn how to hack your nervous system to optimize performance, collaboration and creativity.

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Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation call to explore what works best for you. Holly Holton Workplace Resilience can partner with your company to design a customized process that delivers tangible results.